Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is a great way to cool and heat your home . Because the weather patterns are changing in Perth we are experiencing more and more humid days each year. Reverse cycle air conditioning is fast becoming a very popular choice because it performs well in all weather conditions. There are many different types of Reverse cycle air conditioning. They suit many different budgets below is a basic description of the most common types .

Wall split reverse cycle

Wall split systems are one of the most popular forms of  reverse cycle airWall Split Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning conditioners. The main reasons wall splits are so popular is because they are are cheap. The Wall split reverse cycle  is designed to heat or cool 1 room at a time. Most Quality brands have sizes ranging from 2.5 kW right up to 9.5 kW. As an example a small 2.5 will heat and cool a small bedroom or office. A large say 8.0 kW or 9.5 kW will heat or cool a large family area. If you decide on split system type arrange installation at the same time you purchase your unit this will ensure you will get a better deal.

I would recommend buying a wall split system from a specialist air conditioning company. A specialist air conditioning company can recommend the right type of air conditioning system and the right size . If there is a better product to suit the area that needs to air conditioned they will recommend it. Unlike the large retailers  that only sell wall split systems. A specialist air conditioning company will generally give an all up price when they quote the job so there should be no hidden charges.

Ceiling cassette reverse cycle

Ceiling cassette type installation  is a little like a split system except the unit is mounted in the ceiling not on the wall. Once again it will only cool or heat one area. Ceiling cassettes are used in a lot of commercial applications like shops and office buildings. They are also very popular in holiday homes were there is limited roof space for ducted air conditioning applications.



Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Reverse Cycle fancoilJust remember no matter how good your air conditioning system is it cannot make up for poor sizing and more importantly poor design, so just remember with choosing were to buy Reverse cycle air conditioning Perth make sure you buy it from someone with lots of experience in the industry.